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Socio-ecnomic condition and evaluation of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Area between 2009-2015



For the first time in our common history Romanian and Bulgarian governments decided to propose a strategic project that should bring together statistical information on both sides of the Danube for planning a joint border area development.

Foundation for Democracy Culture and Liberty, Calarasi Branch together with the Association of River Municipalities “Dunav” and the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Calarasi are implementing together the project Socio-economic condition and evaluation of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Area between 2009 - 2015 through Cross Border Cooperation Programme Romania - Bulgaria 2007-2013.

We propose you as lecture some relevant data (grouped in several newsletters) on the most important indicators regarding:

    • General Statistical Data 2009 – 2010 (NL1)
    • Population in the cross-border region (NL2)
    • Economic Potential – Energy Resources (NL3, NL4, NL5)
    • Macroeconomic evolutions – GDP, inflation, Production indices, gros added value, (NL6, NL7, NL8, NL9)
    • Foreign direct investments (NL10)

All information are taken from official sources from the two countries and EU and can be useful if you want to implement projects in the region, or if you want to extent your business or to develop a strategic planning of it in the area. If you are interested for more we invite you to visit the project website www.ro-bg.ro.

Evolution Project Team