About the project

Socio – economic condition and evolution of the Romania – Bulgaria Area between 2009-2015

- Statergic Project -
Implemented under the
Programm for Cross- Border Cooperation Romania – Bulgaria 2007 -2013


Location: All the counties / districts from the Romania Bulgaria eligible area


  • Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty, Calarasi Branch (FDCL), Romania - Lead Partner
  • Association of the Danube River Municipalities "Danube" (ADRM), Belene, Bulgaria - Partner 2
  • The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Calarasi (CCIA Cl), Romania - Partner 3

Implementation period: 78 monts

Total value: 5 979 460 Euros

Target group:

  • The population within the cross border area (Romania- Bulgaria)
  • Local public administrations and also public services from the cross border area
  • Romanian and Bulgarian companies from the cross border area including consultancy companies in attracting European structural funds
  • Foreign investors acting in the cross border area
  • Mass media

General and specific objective:

  • To provide a comprehensive and accurate overview of the socio-economic conditions and the evolution of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area 2009-2015.
  • Developing a set of instruments for evaluating the socio-economic situation and its evolution in the cross-border area (methodology, set of indicators and data base) Increasing the administrative capacity of the MA, NA, JTS by using the instruments that are especially created, thus assuring the premises for achieving the Territorial Cooperation Objective of the Cohesion Policy
  • Improving the citizens' level of understanding concerning the projects financed by CBC European funds

Project context:

  • Most of the data necessary for the analysis were missing from the official statistics and the existing data were obsolete (mostly from 2004).
  • The area is now lacking any regional identity and has become marginalised owing to limited investment, undercapitalisation and an inability to attract investment.
  • Low GDP and insufficient dynamism in the economy
  • The agricultural sector, is in great need of modernising its outdated equipment and facilities.
  • Business opportunities that will create wealth and a new identity of the region, including tourism
  • Regional actors consider the main engine of change resides with the small business sector, which can be supported by forming cross-border partnerships and associations to identify growth opportunities
  • The unique cultural and creative resources

Project expected results:

  1. One clearly defined system of indicators, relevant for the purpose of the project
  2. An inventory of the existing similar studies, statistics etc. at border level
  3. A methodology for data collection, processing and reporting
  4. A fully operational IT application for data management and processing
  5. A completed and updated database